Meredith doll in blue jacket. Used with permission of Turquoise Cuties.

Meredith is an amazing athlete who loves to challenge her three older brothers.

All About MeredithEdit

Meredith has light skin, blond hair, and blue eyes. She is European. Meredith loves to snowboard, along the way finding plenty of new slopes. She is kind and confident, but becomes shy around cute boys.

Bring Meredith To Your Dolls!Edit

To find out more about her, check out . Meredith comes in a wide variety of outfits. Also sold are her friends, accessories, clothing, and furniture!

Meredith's Favorites
Birthday/gem: June 15/Pearl
Subject: Gym
Activitiy: Goalie on soccor team
Music: Rock
Possesion: Snowboard

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